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The day I found out Leytsa was in my womb, it was the 4th of July 2004.  My world started spinning. A fourth child. How could that be. This might sound funny but I even cringed because I didn't even remember when I concieved her.  Yeah hilarious huh!  Well her father and I had been having problems and he slept in one room I in another.  But one night I had some friends over and we had a little get together this was for my 32nd birthday.  And yes I got my present from him, (another child).  As I write this I am hysterically  laughing.  Well, back in February 2004 I had major surgery, I was pregnant and I had a very odd pain, I went to the doctors and they found a baseball size tumor in my left ovary.  So now what do we do?  The tumor had to be removed immediatly, if not it could burst causing my death.  But wait!  I am two months pregnant, how could they get in there without harming the fetus?  I had no idea.. Doctors told me I had a great chance that I would miscarry anyways, if the tumor kept growing, that I needed to get the surgery done a.s.a.p.  So reluctantly, I agreed.  Next thing you know I am knocked out! When I wake up, the doctors told me how lucky I was and how that baby came to me to save my life, and by the way, I was still pregnant, they managed to save the baby.  No harm was done.  Ok, I was in pain, but very happy..

Well a week after the surgery, I went to the bathroom and started to scream, I was bleeding everywhere and 5 seconds after I lost my baby.  My angel, the baby that came to me to save my life.  Good bye baby, and thank you..
I was rushed to the hospital and the doctor informed me that it was not going to be easy to concieve. Which at that moment it was the last thing in my head.  He told me how I would have one month that my body wouldn't produce eggs and that the next month I would, due to my missing ovary.  Well, I guess I counted wrong, I got the months wrong! =P  That's what I thought as soon as I found out Leytsa was in my womb.

Through the upcoming months I went through so much and I didn't think Leytsa was going to make it, I was so sick.  I had gestational diabetes, pre-eclamsia, Athsma, I was admitted so many times because of my athsma, and it didn't help the fact that I lived in Florida and we had many hurricanes to deal with.

I managed to keep my cool and through everything I went through I managed to keep my baby alive inside me and thank God above she was born early, very early but she made it. 

That is why I celebrate her life in this site, she is special, and she needs to be celebrated everyday. 

Feel free to go to the Timeline tab, where I share the journey to Leytsa's delivery. 
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what a gift!   / David Cohen (stranger)
Although I am a stranger I am so happy to read this, I wish you and your child a great future. May G-D leave you never alone and guide you to happyness and satisfaction.

greetings from germany,
I wish   / Janette Vigo (Titi)
Hi Leytsa;
Although I am so grateful that you are so healthy and growing so beautifly, I can't help but feel sad that I haven't had the opportunity to meet you. Your mom and I will always be sisters at heart, we have always been there ...  Continue >>
Blessings from my family to yours   / Letty Diaz (Just a friend )
It is not often that you see someone celebrate live this is a great story.I have to Boys now 13, 9 and it took me a lot to have them I celebrate there lifeEvery day and thank the Lord for them may the Lord always Bless you children 
Congratulations  / Aneesah Ali's Mummy (None)
From 1 Mummy to another.She's lovely xx
...  / ... ... (...)
I love this site! My very best wishes to it\'s owners!
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Special Memories
Leytsa turned 6  
Leytsa has turned 6 years old and she continues to be a very bright and happy beautiful little girl. Dad and I are so proud of her, she is growing healthy and is doing really good in school. She loves her new home in Cleveland and she enjoyed for the first time a beautiful White Christmas.

I love my family, and I am so thankful to God!
Leytsa Is 5!  
It has been a couple of years that I have not written on my baby's site but I am happy to report that Leytsa Rianne is a grown little girl, she just turned 5 and she has started Kindergarden.  She is more beautiful than ever and is a handful.  Her first day of school was awesome, she just walked in and settled right in.  Her teacher Mrs. Colon is the perfect teacher any child would want.  

Leytsa is our pride and joy and she continues to make my life shine and when I am down she is right there to pick me up.  

I love you baby girl, I know one day you will read this and you'll know how much you mean to me.  God Bless you.

I am two!  
December 27, 2006

Leytsa just turned two.  She couldn't be healthier.  She has gotten a couple of colds nothing major, her little body has fought them off like a soldier.  We are so proud of her.  She had the best birthday a little girl can have.  Her daddy bought her so many gifts I had to tell him to stop.  She now loves Dora the Explorer so of course she got many many Dora gifts.  I will update the site with new pictures of the event.  We celebrate her birthday on New Years Eve.  All the family was together for her birthday.  She danced, she ate cake and candy like there is no tomorrow.  I was so delighted to see her and how happy she  is.  Daddy was proud, I couldn't be happier, he held her while we sang happy birthday and he helped her cut her own piece of cake.  I teared up, I never thought this could happen to us.  God bless my family and my David for being the best daddy in the world.  Leytsa needed this, so did I.  

Soon you will all enjoy the pictures of Leytsa's number 2 birthday.


I can dance!  
You should see her.. I was going to give her a bath and she started to sing the Dora theme song and she was doing some dance moves I have never seen her do.  It was the cutest thing in the world... 

We are enjoying her so much, I am so thankful to God that she is here with us and that he gave her to us.. 

We love you Leytsa.. 

How happy we are!  
This couldn't be a happier time.  Leytsa is really happy, she has a beautiful relationship with her stepdad, he loves her so much as if she was his own, she calls him daddy and he looks at me as his heart melts.  David can't have kids of his own and he feels as if Leytsa is a gift from God to him.  They have this bond that not even I can break ever.  I am so happy because he needed her and she needed him.  Everyday that goes by I see them getting closer and closer and that makes me so, so very happy.  We are planning her second birthday, we are going to celebrate it as if it were her first all over again.  
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